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Our product range includes the following areas: 

Pharmaceuticals (pharmacy-only)

These include the proven original MERIDIANCOMPLEX´s for energetic therapy via the acupuncture meridians and the Homeopathic Specialties "KERN", which are designed to treat specific clinical syndroms according to the homeopathic repertorisation of the individual components.

Medical devices: Test kits and Test ampoules MERIPHARM

For decades MERIPHARM-KERN has set itself the task of offering meaningful help to all testers, no matter which method they use to achieve their results.
MERIPHARM-KERN has a total of 47 different test kits in the program. The delivery program is very extensive and individually usable. You can combine different specimen blocks according to your wishes when purchasing. This will allow you to begin with areas that may seem most important to you, then systematically expand your testing capabilities.
In principle, most test solutions are also available outside the test kits individually, with many nosodes being offered in several single potencies and some also in potency series (pack size of 10 ampoules each).
The test solutions are manufactured lege artis and raised to D6 (in exceptional cases also higher). They do not buy radionics from us (i.e., no electronically generated test substances). The test solutions are potentiated over the last two power levels with isotonic saline and are then melted sterile in glass ampoules. This elaborate manufacturing process means the highest quality and storage stability of the test solutions.

Practice Requirements:

In addition, we offer accessories for the practice needs. For example, we supply empty tubes for filling with liquid or solid test goods and high-quality artificial leather cases or inexpensive cardboard boxes for storing the test solutions.