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Company profile  


In the following, we want to give you a short overview about our enterprise and our product range. Hereby, we hope to establish the basis for a successful cooperation.


Our product range comprises the following areas:




This also includes the Original MERIDIANKOMPLEXES well-established for decades for the enregetic therapy via the meridians of acupuncture as well as the Homeopathic Specialities "KERN" which correspondingly conceived to the homeopathic drug objectives of the individual ingredients serve to the treatment of special disease cases.


Medical products: Test kits and test ampoules MERIPHARM-KERN 


MERIPHARM-KERN has made it its business for decades to offer all testing persons meaningful help no matter by which method they achieve their results.


MERIPHARM-KERN offers in total 50 different test kits in the sales programme. It is very externsive and individually applicable. With your purchase you can combine different preparation blocks according to your wishes. In doing so, you are able to start with areas which at first seem most important to you in order to systematically extend your testing program later on.


In principle, most of the testing solutions are also available separately from the testing packages though many nosodes are offered in several individual potencies and some also in series of potencies, so called KUF-series (packet size 10 ampoules each).


The testing solutions are lege artis prepared and potentiated to D 6 (in exceptional cases even higher). You do not purchase radionics from us (i.e. no testing substances produced in an electronic process). The testing solutions are potentiated with isotonic sodium chloride solution over the last two potency grades and afterwards sterilely fused in glass ampules. This expensive production process guarantees highest quality and storage stability of the testing solutions.


Practice requirements:


Additionally, we offer accessories for practice requirements. Thus, we supply empty tubes for filling with liquid or solid testing materials and high-quality artificial leather cases or cheap cardboard boxes for keeping the testing solutions.

One of our specialities are neutral globules (quality according to he German HAB) in the sizes no. 1, 3, 6 and 9.