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Chinese naturopathic experts already prepared drugs from combinations of plants in the 13th century which were related to the tracts of acupuncture. Up to now, this knowledge has been preserved by which plants the energy flow of a meridian is strengthened resp. dampened. The basis of Eastern phytotherapy is energetic.


Also in Europe, an energetically acting phytotherapy was developed by Hahnemann called homeopathy. The classical work „Organon der Heilkunst“ [remark of the translator: “Implements of Medicine”] reflects many basic ideas of Nei Ying e.g. that energetic changes within the body can be symptoms of diseases.


Since Hahnemann did not know about the meridians, he was restricted in his findings and their further development.


In 1974, for the first time, the idea was discussed within a small group of physicians in Southern Germany, if it would make sense following anthroposophic ideas to prescribe still in addition homeopathised plant and animal implements besides a therapy with the appropriate Schüßler´s salts.


Afterwards, it was tried, at that time still with the B.F.D method, to relate the best appropriate and most effective mineral, plant, and animal implements in homeopathised form to the 12 meridians of acupuncture. This work was carried on for more than two years. Finally, it succeeded with the help of the B.F.D method to find such homeopathised mixtures which normalized abnormal values of the 12 meridians at the end points of hands and feet. The measured points corresponded to the measuring points of the E.A.P. according to Voll.


That way, the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES 1 to 12 resulted at first corresponding to the 12 main meridians. Soon afterwards, the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES 13 to 15 came up representing preparations for the most important extra meridians (Governor, Vessel of conception, Chong Mai).


There was an expert from the area of pharmacy, the pharmacist Mr. Manfred Kern from Bühl who was found in order to implement the ideas of the physicians into high-quality, marketable drugs. At first, the

preparations were distributed via Kern´s Central-Apotheke [Kern’s Central Pharmacy] in Bühl, later on via KERN Pharma GmbH and MERIPHARM GmbH.


The energetic therapy with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES experienced a strong upturn in the following years and found many enthusiastic supporters worldwide, too, who made for their part important contributions to the further development of the therapy with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES.


Here, the following experts are to be mentioned first:


Dr. George Lewith from the „Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine“ in Southampton, the author of the compendium „Meridiancomplexes, Specialities and Meridian complex combinations“ into which many of the author’s experiences won from his patients went down.


Peter H. Fraser from the „Australian Acupuncture College“, the founder of resonance homeopathy. Fraser was able to show that the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES are equal in resonance with certain human tissue and with the respective meridians of acupuncture. He was also able to show that microorganisms exhibit relations of resonance to the meridians of acupuncture and therefore also to the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES. These findings demonstrated for the first time why certain microorganisms show affinities for certain body tissues.


Preben Hansen, Kopenhagen, who was known to be one the most experienced and successful MERIDIANCOMPLEX therapists in his lifetime and was able to help countless patients with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES.


Stuart J. Zoll from the U.S.A. who elaborated the perhaps most comprehensive description of pathogenetic causal chains with his book „The bridge between acupuncture and modern bio-energetic medicine“. The knowledge of these causal relations between tissues, organs, and meridians is essential for everyone striving for a really causal therapy which also includes the disease-causing agents [pathogens] of the disease cases . The book is available with MERIPHARM in the English original version and also in the German translation.


Dr. Roy M. Martina, Nieuwegein, a physician familiar with the area of traditional Chinese medicine and classical acupuncture. Martina developed a system that based on the known classical rules of the 5-elements rule, pulse diagnostics, the mother – son rule, the man – woman rule, the day – night rule enables an energetic regulation without needles with the help of the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES.


The most important protagonists and representatives of the meridian therapy with the MERIDIAN COMPLEXES in Germany are:


Peter-Georg Rademacher, non - medical practitioner, Teningen. Mr. Rademacher is known to be one of the most experienced testing persons in Germany and has had an intensive practical experience with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES for decades. Countless successful treatments with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES are documented in the card file of his practice. For decades, he has worked on the point to extend the therapy alternatives with the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES. Many of his colleagues could already gain from his profound practical experiences which he has also always willingly passed on to colleagues. H.-W. Schimmel, Ottersweier. This expert was decisively involved in the development of the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES. Raimar Banis, Achern. Dr. Banis, M.D., discovered the possibility to measure Chakra activities with the VEGA testing method. This discovery opened up the possibility to treat hyperactive Chakras via combinations of the MERIDIANCOMPLEXES. These Chakra combinations show strongly detoxifying properties (similar to the effect of key nosodes) as well as catalytic effects on other therapies. In principle, a Chakra related therapy enables an overriding influencing of disturbed organs which are connected with the respective Chakra.


In 1999, MERIPHARM GmbH of Mr. Kern was sold to the pharmacist Mr. Jürgen Zilly. The location of the company was moved from Bühl to Baden-Baden into the business premises of Fritz Zilly GmbH, a company also owned by Mr. Zilly, that produces and distributes naturopathic (and cosmetic products), too. Mr. Zilly has made it his business to continue the long – standing tradition of MERIPHARM.